Architectural Materials & Design

Cabins and Smoking Cabinets: mostly used in industrial areas, our cabins can be placed inside factories, warehouses, stores and anywhere it is necessary to remove it quickly!

Thanks to its integrated ceiling and floor, the portable cabin enables to create inside a building, a space independent of all other structure. It can be removed at anytime with a fork lift truck. All the elements of the cabin can easily be replaced or repaired.

They are made of aluminium framework, water resistant panels with carpet flooring on top, melamine faced chipboard ceiling and part solid – part glazed elements on the walls.

They are available in standard sizes and offer optional equipment like, lighting, electric heating, reinforced thermal or sound insulation, distribution by independent colons, natural or provoked ventilation by using an electric extractor, all these according to the requirements of the user.

Suitable for public areas, airports, factories, warehouses, education institutes, etc.