Architectural Materials & Design

Reading this page, we believe that you have already read the previous three important pages which refer to the three basic rules of our policy: Quality, Value, and Service.

It’s a proof to us that the work we do reflects to our customers in the best positive way. Our repeated customers and the new customers are the evidence of our hard work. Nevertheless, sales are not our sole concern. We also concern for more important issues in life: the environment and the community.

Every big organization is responsible against these matters and we are proud for serving them. We provide new cars to our employees, new technological equipment and we instruct them how to protect the environment and themselves against pollution. Besides, we collect our waste from the projects, we have all the necessary skips and we follow the European environmental regulations.

Moreover, our company is always willing to help our fellowmen when needed. We are active members of the “Anti-Cancer Society of Cyprus” and sponsors in many of its activities. We are also active members of the “Apostolou Foundation” and we donate in many more philanthropist groups. We are glad to offer unsparingly to those who suffer and giving them a moment of happiness to those less fortunate!

Finally, the triptych Quality, Value and Service, is completed with our Commitment for life; full support and loyalty to the ethics and values of business, the human being and the nature!

“There is pleasure in receiving but great satisfaction in giving...”