Architectural Materials & Design

TerraZa Innovative Decking: a Stylish, Uncomplicated and Durable floor! A terrace to fall in love with! Gentle on the surface, with a natural feel and durable qualities. A German world first that combines the best properties of wood fibres and plastic. Outdoors, this makes it a stylish complement to paths, paved areas, steps and walkways.
In contrast to wood, the profiles are significantly more dimensionally stable and resistant to cold and damp, acid rain, salt water and chlorine water. The special material is also non-slip in the wet and will not splinter. Fungus and insects don’t stand a chance, and it’s just as good for maintenance by simply using a steam cleaner. And there is one particular advantage: it is untreated, and can therefore be recycled easily.
It works using visual joints which not only make a great impression aesthetically but also allow the material to expand naturally in response to change in the climate. It is based on the patented click system with dual grid position for jointed or un-jointed laying. This stable anchoring withstands loads of up to 500kg/m2.

Awarded the Baden-Wurttemberg Design and Innovation Prize!

Suitable for homes, hotels, entertainment areas, etc.

Paseo Terrace Tiles: they are the square alternative to profiles. They impress with a very low height and extremely simple installation without a sub-framework. They are ideal for terraces, paths, balconies and wellness areas. They require no sub-framework, making them also suitable for temporary structures, such as fair booths and beach bars, as well for cases where the user doesn’t want to make any damage to the existing floor.

Terrace tiles are available in the surface texture Fino with a modern grooved texture and Largo with a slatted appearance. The ability to lay the tiles in the same direction, in a chess pattern or offset by half tiles, opens up a wide range of design possibilities. It is also possible to combine Fino and Largo together.

Suitable for flats, houses, commercial areas with light to moderate utilization.