Architectural Materials & Design

GRG cladding or “Zerodec” is consisted of laminated glass reinforced gypsum. It’s a decorative feature used by the Architects and Designers as an internal decorative cladding to areas such as ceilings, bulkheads, fascia panels, columns, vaults, domes, cornices and wall panels. It’s exclusively a custom made product, specifically designed for each individual project, with a great perspective for design creativity.
It can be fitted out of a wide variety of projects, internally or externally. It’s a light material (only 7kg/m2), non-combustible, it has a high quality surface finish which is usually painted; it is strong and rigid and can be produced in virtually any shape, size or texture.
An additional product is the natural stone finish GRG cladding, which facilitates the creation of complex shapes, which would be exteemely difficult or prohibitively expensive to achieve with natural stone or applied plaster techniques.

Suitable for shopping centers, atria, theatres, conference centers, hotels, airports and commercial buildings.