Architectural Materials & Design

Gypsum Ceilings with KNAUF complete system: the ceiling construction with paneled gypsum boards offers the possibility of height adjustment, for the easy installation of all kind of pipes, insulation materials, heating and lighting fixtures.
It is also easily adjust to special construction needs such as ceiling designs, i.e. circular ceilings, domes, leveling ceiling, hidden lighting, etc. It’s a joint free construction ready to be painted over, light-weight, and offers superb sound absorption, fire retardant and it is cost efficient.

Suitable for houses, shops and showrooms, hotels, bars and restaurants, etc.

Standard Gypsum Tiles: gypsum ceiling tiles with plastic coating in the front and aluminium foil in the back are durable in wear and use. They are also washable with the usual household detergents. They offer good sound proofing, water repellent and colour fastened to direct sunlight.

Suitable for offices, warehouses, factories, shops, etc.

KNAUF Hygena Tiles: they have been developed for applications where stringent hygiene standards are required. A highly efficient growth-inhibiting surface coating offers clinics, hospitals, the food industry, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies a bactericidal and fungistatic ceiling finish. Hygena ceiling tiles feature all the high performance characteristics of KNAUF products as well as meeting safety requirements. They can be easily installed in standard ceiling grids and they are available in various mineral face patterns by order.

Suitable for professional kitchens, surgeries, hospitals, food factories, laboratories, etc.