Architectural Materials & Design

Dear Visitor,

COUNTOUROS is a well-known company that has been established and pioneering in the field of interior contractors, suppliers and retailers, mainly, due to its background of experience and contribution in the market. Our company is recognized and established in the Cypriot market due to our quality preservation and superb service and support towards our customers since 1976.

We’ve been keeping to date with the constant technological and environmental changes and evolutions in the international market and managed to offer our customers (architects – contractors – interior designers, hotels – shops – offices – public buildings – houses, etc.) materials of excellent quality and of the latest technology; combined always with our best service, right information and qualified personnel for better installations and fittings.

Our product range covers two main categories: architectural materials and design products. All these can be found under the following sections:

  • Floorings
  • Ceilings
  • Partitions
  • Wall Coverings
  • Claddings
  • Innovative Products

Yet, our personnel’s consulting role to the customers is to provide the appropriate technical and design advises according to the project’s needs and budget.

Once you have experienced working with us, you will confirm that fairly our company is listed as one of the most favourite in the contract market.

Experience, quality, and constant upgrade are a few of the elements that describe our company, and they are the guarantee perfection in your design requirements.


Stelios Countouros
Managing Director