Architectural Materials & Design

Since 1976, the management of COUNTOUROS was always aiming to high quality materials. This was a timeless promise to our customers and, we believe, this was one of the main reasons of our stability into this very competitive market in Cyprus.

Representatives of our company attend every big event in Europe (exhibitions, design labs, seminars, etc) searching for the right materials for the right market. The procedures we follow to test and compare every new or existing product help us maintain the same quality level in time. Our team is consist by professionals of the industry like, the product manager, the projects manager, the interior designer and the managing director himself whom, with their experience and foresight, deliver the most valued products to the Architects and Designers. European and International standards are always taken into consideration to complete the right choice.

These procedures help us understand products, so we are able to explain their pros and cons to the customers. This is very important because we are obliged to ensure that our customers will do the right choice.

Summing up, the procedures we follow and the attention we pay to those are the guarantee to our customers and ourselves that nothing damaging will occur in the future. As a result, the market has connected our name with Best Quality!

“Quality is not measured in money, but in time...”