Architectural Materials & Design

RINOL FibreTech: it is a ready to use factory premixed floor hardener used in the making of concrete floors. It consists of graded quartz sands, selected hard wearing mineral aggregates, a hydraulic binder and special additives. It can be applied to freshly laid concrete as a dry powder or as slurry.

Its physical properties are that it is compressive strength, flexural strength, adhesive strength, abrasion resistance and slip resistance. It is available in unpigmented and in 14 standard colours.

Its benefits are:

  • Hardwearing
  • Non dusting
  • Non rusting-surface requirements
  • No special treatments

Suitable for medium to heavy traffic areas, industrial areas, exhibition halls, warehouses and loading bays, DIY stores, workshops, etc.

RINOL Magnesium Floor: it is electrically conductive, and magnesium is mineral based and chemically formulated hard and joint less monolithic floor which comprise the following considerations:

  • Withstanding heavy traffic movements
  • Does not generate dust of cracks
  • Useful in trolley and forklift movement
  • Dust free, fire resistant and termite proof.

RINOL DURALIT is an important material in the promotion and use of Magnesium flooring in the world trade. It managed to expand the use of magnesium as a natural first material in flooring. It’s been evolved in the past 68 years to offer high resistance against humidity and water, wear resistance, low maintenance and cleaning and high wear in time. It’s a liquid installation, made without joints thus it offers accurate installation and leveling.

Suitable for medium to heavy traffic areas, dry industrial areas, exhibition halls, warehouses and loading bays, workshops, etc.

Polyurethane Floor: they produce a seamless hygienic finish that can be easily maintained and are suitable for use in wide range of industrial and commercial application.
Its features are that it is solvent free, low hazard, low odour, easy mixing and application, a seamless floor and chemical resistance. Its benefits are that it is user friendly, ideal for food processing areas, easy cleaning, hygienic, and hard wearing durable floor.

Suitable for food processing areas, warehouses, chemical plants, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, dairies, garages, workshops, reception areas, cellars and automotive industries.

Epoxy Floor: it offers good mechanical resistance and will resist attack from most industrial chemicals including acid, alkalis, oils, fats, solvent and foodstuff. Epoxy flooring is impact resistance, slip resistance, fire resistance, hygiene, and chemical resistance-waterproof.
Epoxy floors protect concrete from wear, chemical corrosion and chemical deterioration. It provides faster material movement through working and transport areas and protects products from damage. It reduces floor maintenance and cleaning costs, producing a cleaner work environment and decreases injuries with non-slip surfaces. Increases light reflectivity and brightens work areas which saves on utility expenses and maximizes work efficiencies.

Suitable for the food industry, production lines, warehouses, and loading bays.