Architectural Materials & Design

There is also a big selection of railing systems, rods and curtains accessories.

Rods: an element which through empirical understanding of interior design, approaches nature and complements its synthesis, overcoming any aesthetic reservations.
The huge variety of curtain rods is made of: brass, wood, iron, nickel, matt nickel, bronze, rusted, crystal, porcelain. With all their accessories, offers a broad range of choices and applications for all spaces. A necessary complement to each room of the house it is often difficult to decide how best to hang them. Curtain rods are a useful and practical choice. Attractive solutions are provided for both simple and more specialised cases such as polygonous windows or openings on curved walls.

Rails: metal and aluminium curtain rails are an essential supplement for all curtains and are necessary to ensure the right fit and function. Depending on the shape of the opening for which metal curtain rails are required, the rails can be straight, polygonal or curved.
Specialized areas such as the rooms of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, theatres, art galleries, hotels, schools, or homes naturally need a specific type of rail to be fitted.
The right choice of rail system is certainly extremely important in order to make sure that the rails will ensure smooth and easy movement of the curtains.

Suitable for any application where blinds or curtains are going to be installed.