Architectural Materials & Design

Great attention is being paid in this factor of a successful company called, Service. We work very hard to keep our service standards high, even in peak periods when work is over the maximum.

From the first contact of a customer to us, we follow a Production Cycle that fits perfectly in our concept of service and meets our customers’ needs. From the free measurement of the area to the project planning, budgeting and product consulting, we are close to the customer to answer any possible questions and make any clarifications needed.

From the day a customer decides to work with us, we just ask him to sit back and relax, as we take full control of the project. We prepare the schedule and make all the arrangements for the materials we will use and the coordination of the people who will work. We have all the latest equipment of machines and tools to ensure easy, quick and quality installation. 

Last but not least, we are insured in both, Employer’s Liability and Employee’s Liability, as an extra in our bona fides. That means we secure our customers’ property and our employees against any damage or accident at work.

The above points and some more, are briefly our routine of work. The excitement to us is the Customer Satisfaction… and we know how to offer it, simply and free!!

“Service is included in any contract, without a price label on it..!!”