Architectural Materials & Design

Artificial Grass: the continuous improvement of artificial grass and its production processes enables the manufacturers to meet the technical specifications required by even the most specialized sports. The newest generation of artificial grass offers the benefits of natural grass for football, rugby and hockey, and clay courts for tennis. Sports fields made of artificial grass, perfectly equal the view and ball behavior of several kinds of foundations like natural grass and clay courts.
A sports flooring with artificial grass uses both main groups of polymers in fibre yarns for the tufting of artificial grass: the polyolefins (polyethylene and polypropylene) and polyamides (nylons). As a sports flooring the optimum biomechanical properties improve the players’ comfort and reduce injuries. Yet, it offers excellent interaction between the players and the ball and the surface. It’s approved by the national and international governing bodies and has low maintenance cost.

Suitable for professional sports like soccer, tennis, hockey, rugby, multi-sports and leisure.