Architectural Materials & Design

EPS and XPS heat insulating composite systems with façade insulation sheets made of Styropor. The product is a modern and perfected external wall insulation system. Façade plates made from hard polystyrene foam act as a heat insulating layer, and they are provided with a vapour permeable base plaster (reinforcement layer), consisting of a filler and fiberglass mesh. To this, it is added a weather-resistant, vapour-permeable top plaster made from a skim based on artificial resin.
The Heat Insulating Composite System can be added to all base surfaces. It is ideal for new buildings and the most recommended system for renovations of old buildings. There are plenty of advantages since the end user has a heat insulation and façade in one. The heat insulation is on the outside of the building, thus it does not decrease the living space inside. It does not leave any heat bridges, it is economical and durable.

Suitable for old and new buildings, houses, blocks of flats, commercial buildings, etc.