Architectural Materials & Design

Wave Light: is an illuminated sculpture that becomes a work of art for any space. It is not a standard light fitting you can find on retail shelves. It is a new genre of lighting.
End users of wave light have the choice of making a unique sculpture according to their particular needs.
Wave Light is a sculpture whilst off and provides a warming glow when on. It is a quality contemporary product that offers something new and un-comparable to existing lighting products. It is designed right from the core so the outcome is very difference to what would be expected. Customers have the choice of standard patterns and sizes as well as to custom made patterns and sizes.

Suitable for domestic and commercial areas.

Wovin’ Wall: is a range of modular wall and ceiling tile systems. These systems are beautiful, 3 dimensional, simple to install and light weight. According to the design and material, the system can also be a very effective acoustic solution.
Wovin’ Wall is a distinctive woven pattern by the curved tiles being placed in alternative directions. This pattern increases its acoustic properties, and makes it a sound absorber product. Aesthetically, the result is impressive and different. It is available in standard or oval shaped tiles, suitable for walls and ceilings, can be used with or without perimeter frame, recessed into the wall or ceiling surface and it has a reduced environmental impact.

Suitable for residential areas, bars and restaurants, hotels, etc.