Architectural Materials & Design

Standard Wallpapers: a vast range of wallpapers, vinyl wall coverings, non-woven wall coverings, metallic foil wall coverings, and now stickers and wall murals. Designs and colours or colour combinations for the modern, classic or semi-modern area.
Wallpapers give a number of advantages, since they are washable, easy to install and uninstall, they offer great aesthetic results, some of them give sound and thermal insulation and some other are paintable.
There are no application limits, since they replace the cold, damp and common use of paint. The rich selection of wallpapers is completed with the addition of their borders.

Suitable for flats and houses, shops and showrooms, bars and restaurants, hotels, factories, etc.

Glass Wall Coverings: glass textile is an unbeatable surface material for almost any wall. It is quick and easy to put up. It repairs and prevents cracks in the wall. Painted, it provides a continuous surface without joints. It is easy to maintain and repair and it is also a fire resistance product.
The design and colour possibilities of Glass Wall Covering are unlimited. It offers style, pattern options, strength and durability for architects, contractors, designers and homeowners.
Glass Wall Covering is free of odor and plasticizers. It is an ecologically sound product made from natural materials.
It is also cost effective. Its initial cost is about the same as other commercial wall coverings. However, painting ours versus replacing theirs can save 50% or more over the lifetime of the installation. Many of our installations remain in place after 30 years.
It is made from only natural materials. It is also the lightest glass textile in the market, thus requiring least from nature in way of raw materials and transportation. Our Glass Wall Covering is Oeko-Tex certified, which means that it does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances that may cause allergic reactions. Its long service life has also an environmental advantage. It protects the wall from scratches and impacts so effectively that the weave does not need to be replaced for many years. Even if changing fashion demands a new colour that can be arranged quickly with a new coat of paint.

Suitable for the hotel industry, shopping malls and factories.